Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

They were made to recall memories -repost-

It's already mid night. Nope. I just passed mid night, and still, I can't stop.
Can't stop looking through all these pictures I made. Looking through those who recall memories.
Yes.Pictures, photos. They are made to recall memories. Recalling lot's of memories that has passed.
That's what I feel.
Recalling these memories back. Memories with the loved ones, friends, family, random people, random places, things, food, all those silly activities, ooh how I miss everything so much. Missing everything that are captured.
Looking through all these pictures, I can see how people change, how I change, and it's all beautiful to remember, it means a lot to me.
Some people asked 
Why do you have to take plenty of pictures?
Why do you like taking pictures a lot?
Why caring to keep them?
Well, to be honest I have hundreds, probably thousands of them.
and it's all worth to take, worth to keep.

Just like I said, they were made to recall memories :)

 repost dari blognya mba ista :D 
pernah cuap" juga soal foto, tapi kerenan yang ini
aaaaa :)
i have thousands of them too *high five*

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